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    1. @IAN, Don’t think about it……….. FRED ASS-O is so big that his ASS-O will suck you in…..

  1. One of the comments says that“ HE LOOKS LIKE A RIGHT CUNT“ , What the fuck does that mean. Is a left cunt better or maybe a wrong cunt . . . fucking assholes that cant speak english , just go away. . . Lets all celebrate BURN A KORAN-DAY.

    1. It’s a colloquialism, you’ll find people from the London area of England using the term ‘right’. Maybe before you start having a pop at people’s lack of English skills, you should learn a few yourself. Can’t is spelt can’t not CANT, and questions need a question mark (?) after them, not a full stop. All clear cuntflap?

    2. “fucking assholes that cant speak english , just go away. . . ”
      Dude, people comminicate in 2,3,4 laguages. You can not even communicate properly in your own language…

    3. “Right” Adverb: To the furthest or most complete extent or degree. e.g “The plate fell right off the table. The car spun right off the track. He looks a right cunt.”

  2. @really , you had to go to the dictionary for that , you and that one line loser TOZZA , need to fly to fuck and stop wasting good oxygen you fucking toolboxes . . . as for yopu GOD , listen to the video again , then take a minute go to the coffee machine and pour yourself a big cup of “shut the fuck up“ , now lets go burn the rag called the Koran. Such a bullshit book.

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