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    1. lol so true Fred. I cringe at the thought of what historians will mark this era as in general. I would enjoy just skipping forward possibly 10 years from now so that these fake phone messages and other things are long gone. Maybe we can hope that this era will be defined by memes in the future. That I would not mind at least lol.

    2. Not to butt in,but there is a website where you can make fake iPhone Autocorrect Fails or something. o3o

    3. skyFx: I can send 8 messages, on my phone, and it still be 100% charged. Then again, I don’t have that POS iPhone either. x] Droid Razr: FTW! xD

    4. uhmm.. maybe the fucker was “plugged in charging” during the text session? even still my iphone stays at 100% after far more than just 8 texts. Snap out of your Android world’s people

    5. HEY!!!! “Intellectual Dude” You’re back… As your Mother and Sister was in Bed, Your Mother told me who is your real Father…
      It’s “FRED” Before FRED turn into a TRANNY.

    6. @2lolo:
      please explain to me why your comments NEVER make a bit if sense. your grammar is flawed. you always capitalize random ass words.
      you’re the fail on this site homie… so fuck your couch.

    7. @PINEAPPLE, MY DOG………. You came back to me…. Good Boy, Sit, sit Still dumb as ever…

    8. @2lolo:
      ‘The fuck are you talking about sir?
      you’re not making any sense.
      I see you’re trying to be hateful.
      So calm down, and come at me like a man, ya puss…

    1. not everyone spells there name the traditional way, i know someone that spells their name jesseka.

    2. obviously, but you fail to understand the basics of phonetics. a double consonant after the vowel changes the pronunciation from “Katy” to “Cat-tee”. go back to grade 3 and get a 9 year old to explain it to you.

    3. @derp

      yah that’s true, but it still doesn’t change the way HER name was chosen to be spelled…

  1. yeah…and they used correct punctuation and capitalization in every message…I already told you to stop posting fake shit Epic fail…

  2. I don’t get, why you people keep pointing out, that it’s fake. -.- We’re not f-ing stupid, we KNOW that! Lol.

  3. @ derp As the modern age of stupidity ages further the once young dumb asses now have kids. for example I know to brothers who’s name’s are lemonjello and orangejello- pronounced lamongelo and oarangalo

  4. how is this messanger call??? or is it just the message inbox of the i phone??? sorry if i sound like an idiot i just have a smarthphone and the messanger do not look like that

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