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    1. Ok…I’d like to pat myself on the back. I did manage to sit through 2mins 10secs. Not like the crowd there off to the side looking for the exits, I guess they already know about this guy’s obsession. lol

  1. whatever you do DO NOT watch smooth criminal after this it damn right depresses you. I dont like being the nazi on shit but you shouldnt mimick a performer as good as michael jackson if you cant atleast do it half decently

    1. No, it’s just white people are allowed to get away with it. look at politicians and the financial meltdown for example.

  2. I hate weddings at the best of times, then I see this and hate them even more. Since when are weddings all about dance routines. My sister in law tortured her wedding party with dance rehearsals for weeks leading up to her “big day”. What a fuck’n joke!!

  3. Ah yes, the traditional dance of the pedofile. Only the smoothest of moves can ease you into a childs pants, and heart.

    1. “I honestly can’t dance for shit”,yeah you proved that by stating this guy was good.

  4. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice, I wish I could that in my wedding but I am paralyzed from the neck down. LOLOLOLOL JK

  5. People are so extremely cynical. This is a wedding, they planned this thing for fun. Those backup dancers weren’t proffessionals or anything, but just friends who agreed to help him and had fun with it. And that’s the point! I smiled big while watching it.

  6. lmaoooo white people get amazed by the simplest dance moves they were having fun and that’s all that matters. im black and i cant dance myself lmaoo

  7. it still amazes me that even after all this time, after all we’ve seen…anything Michael Jackson is still considered “cool”. And why are they dancing soo slow? That hard to remember the steps?

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