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  1. The dog really should cover up his dick. Looks cold. Makes mine feel cold. And I’ve got mine covered up in a comforter.

    1. Same here. Other than being worthless, they’re vindictive assholes. Usually, not very good with children, either. Also, require too much maintenance.

    2. Great comment , both of you. I hate poddles too, they’re useless indeed. They never catch my eye on the streets..Unlike some other dogs, such as my dear Jacky.

    3. Oh and when I was about 12, a little poodle at my mom’s friend house was really attracted to my leg..they’re weird and disgusting.

  2. Standard Poodles, and yes that is what this is are ranked the smartest most trainable dogs. Comparing this dog to the little poodle dog that humped your leg is just wrong. They can be vindictive assholes though just like my pet goldfish.

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