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    1. GTA = GREATER TORONTO AREA , what the fuck does this have to do with them up there in Canada . . . your a tool.

  1. Could the rich non driving douche have picked a more fugly color of this car?
    I think the palm tree hit him on purpose.

    1. @me , we know you cant speak or write english you illiterate fuck , but the least you can do is QUOTE what you heard properly , A.D.D much , wow.

  2. Nice camera work bud! most of these Beverly Hills douche types think they own the roads and don’t have to obey traffic laws.

  3. What makes him “Deserve” it… because he has more money then you? Scum like you “Deserve” to never have anything nice in ur lifetime.

  4. Most of you fuckin cunts are obviously jealous of this rich lambo-driving prick. And for that twat ‘allah is a homo’, you need to learn the proper use for ‘your/ you’re’ before telling off someone about learning proper English you tobacco-chewing cock-sucking hillbilly!

  5. Maybe if he didn’t drive like he owned the road, he wouldn’t have to swerve to avoid a car, which in turn made him lose control and run into a fricken palm tree.

    1. my bet is that he went too hard into that turn, thats what happens when you have a rear wheel drive car that is pushing HP out the ass


  7. from what was on the local news he had just bought it and was on his way from the dealer when he busted his new toy

  8. This is in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo drive and Sunset. If you look at Google Maps street view, you can still see the cuts in the shrubbery.

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