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    1. @IAN, Nicky No Name is not happy with you today….. Last night after you CUM in Nicky mouth, you just turn over and fell asleep.. Nicky was in his mood to stick it up into you…

  1. Looks like some chav poser in the UK.
    Chubby chav probably doesn’t even know where Boston is let alone know what team/sport that dumb ass flat bill hat represents.

  2. was this setup. why is that guys arm all twisted around like that. there is no reason for his arm to be like that.

    1. to me it looks like another guys arm goin in for a handshake from the camera man or someone beside him

  3. Am I the only one that realizes that the arm with the thumb belongs to a guy who’s face isn’t showing in the pic? That dude’s head you see doesn’t belong to the mysterious arm. It’s perfectly proportionate. Funny, but proportionate.

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