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  1. It prob be funny if they were older…they’re just kids….then again why the f*$ck would anyone let their kids take pics like this and put it online?

    1. I’m guessing they didn’t go ask permission before using a camera in front of a mirror without a chaperone.

  2. She will probably end up being attracted to women when she is older – by default of course – because “all men are pigs” and do not treat her for the goddess she is.

  3. i dont even get why she would pull her shirt up…shes even making a face like i dont wanna be doing this…you cant help but not feel bad for this girl as she brought it on herself

  4. wtf why is this even online…they are so young lol, altho it kinda gives me a quarter chub LOL jk…

  5. why is there no “mark as offensive” option? these kids are too young to be taking pictures like this and have them posted on the internet.

    shame on you, epic fail. shame on you.

    1. oh my god. and you looked at them. you looked at underage STOMACHS. now you’re a pedophile.

  6. I think the bigger fail is that none of them have abs (or curves), what the fuck are they pulling up their shirts for in the first place…

  7. Why even show off your stomachs, okay. Yeah your stomachs are flat. So is your chest, butt, and your skinny straw legs.

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