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  1. Oh, you hear that. He’s screaming because a bionic metal centipede is crawling up his urethra. Shit must hurt like hell. Seen a lotta these back in Nam…

  2. @FRED, Sound, just like you when a Black Ape Rape your ASS in the getto.. But you didn’t cry for an Ambulance.. NO!!! you cry out, MORE, MORE DEEPER YES YES!!!!

    1. Ahhh epic beard man video, classic.
      I was thinking the same thing. Amber Lamps was pretty hot just sitting there with her headphones on.

    1. FYI, only douchebag beginner/intermediate tourists wear helmet cams and try to hit jumps in the park like that.

  3. Damn I could almost feel the pain of that bone breaking impact. Those trees just don’t have any give to them at all.

    I would love to see an epic win of a really fat skier out skiing everyone else.

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