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    1. It isn’t just America. I moved from America to Germany a few years back and the same thing is here as well. Chicks especially with those orange tans. It seems to be the new trend…unfortunately. I can’t really think of anything worse other than that nasty pink and white lipstick women are wearing as well. Honestly, what has fashion come to?

    2. this creepy fashion was invented by Americans schmucks (snooki byotch and jersey shore), and now they are infecting the world with orange tan disease, nuke this cuntry already before this disease comes to my town

  1. wtf people cant they just wait for summer time to get a natural tan instead of all the orange crap??!! get A GRIP FOLKS!!

  2. Never in the American history has it ever been good to be any skin tone other than white, not sure why all these tools signed up to look an asshole.

  3. ‘Sto tabbozzo scommetto รจ italiano…guardate la segnaletica stradale..
    I’m sure he’s an Italian faggot.

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