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    1. no, he’s right. this makes no sense. it can’t be a spelling error, it’s too deliberate. we know what it means, wtf is it doing on a church sign? if it’s a joke, then it should be a win, not a fail.

    2. No matter how big you are you should always watch watch you say (your tongue) because your fall will be great if you are not quick to listen and slow to speak. sort of like keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you might have to eat them. 🙂

    3. It’s a realy kinkey rewrite of the old saying; “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Tho I doubdt it’s there by misstake, noone is that stupid.

  1. I believe the church was referring to the power of speech and the scripture. Not the fellatio aspect…Lmao! Not worded well AT ALL.

  2. You all are so stupid… The sign was obviously meant to mean that the preacher was powerful in his speaking… But it’s a funny mistake and you guys killed it. 😐

    1. whats wrong with going to church it was your tongue that brought him down in the 1st place kml lmao lol

  3. @FRED GET OFF YOUR KNEES……………………..STOP DOING THAT WITH YOUR TONGUE………….He is the Preacher……….

    1. Why don’t you and fred just fuck each other in the ass and get it over with? You’re obviously trying desperately to get his attention. Your unrequited man-crush is disturbing everyone else.

    1. Well, I don’t follow the meaning of this sign, but I know a three inch tongue can bring a woman’s knees up to her earlobes, with quite an epileptic effect.

  4. The Bible says “the tongue is sharper than any double-edged sword”, obviously meaning someone’s words can crush a man. That’s clearly what this sign is saying and they didn’t realize immature people would twist it. Just saying…

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