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  1. How badly do I just want to DEFILLEE the one on the left. With that ass she can sit on my face anyday. But she would have to be tested for the ghonaclamyherpyaids…then wax…and then shower vigorously first. But after that bit of protocol…its go time.

    1. Or maybe you don’t like the others cause you know you could never get them. By the way, it doesnt matter if there high maintenance or not…you don’t have to maintain anything that you don’t keep after. As long as they maintain that ax wound between their legs..they can be as high maintenance as they want.

    1. I think it’s you. I can never get enough of them. I wonder what’s the deal? Hasn’t that girl on the right heard of Epic Fail? Maybe she has and wanted to be the Fitting In Fail Star of the week…

  2. Come on that girl on the right might be a little big but she fits in just fine… This site can have pretty stupid post sometimes…

    1. I agree with you. She’s not that fat, and like someone above said: she has boobs, unlike the rest of them. 🙂

    1. It’s called epic fail and it’s open for any comments. Whether you want to hate on the fatty or hate on the skinny ones. Bonzo3 you are right. As we can see, some guys like big girls. Anyways, it’s still titled fitting in fail.

      Add more funny comments people!

  3. Honestly, I prefer the heavier girl over those skinny f*cks. THEY HAVE NO MEAT ON THEIR BONES. DOES ANY GIRL EAT ANYMORE?!

  4. Heck….I love me some meat on the bone…and dark meat to boot. I’d be all up in them jelly rolls like yogi bear. Screw all you chubby haters. Just more for those of us who can handle them.

  5. Girl on the right isn’t half bad. She could still lose a good twenty pounds or so. With that said, I really like the other ethnic one with the 70’s feathered hair and petite stature. Her cheekbones are a Godsend!!!

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