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    1. Especially considering he has a camera in the middle of his glasses as well, this is Jeffrey Dahmer’s son!!

    2. I talked with this stud and he says that he is going to look up everyone that disses him here in this thread and kick their asses. “Just sayin”.

    1. nerd you call him a nerd yes he is trying to stunt but your a nerd with your name being saiyan what are you a geek or another nerd just sayin (#3)

  1. That’s my gay transgender son. Stop making fun of him, or else I’m gonna call up the Internet Police!

  2. this guy works at the staples in my city, hes so retarded!
    btw, almost 500 fails, pretty good for my first submission

  3. Wow yall need to grow up n get a life. This is a fail but really all these comments r stupid n ur blowin it way out of proportion. N fyi teenagers aint brainless. Sum r quit smart.

    1. I going to take my time to correct this sentence.. o3o

      Wow yall need to grow up *and* get a life. This is a fail*,* but really all these comments *are* stupid *and* *your* *blowin’* it way out of proportion. *and* fyi teenagers *ain’t/aren’t* brainless. *Some* *are* *quite* smart.

    2. LOL…tries to correct spelling and grammar, and fails on the “your”/”you’re”…cardinal sin, man, cardinal sin.

  4. Shut the fuck up n dont correct my shit.
    N so wat i made a mistake damn. Everybody does. I was pissed n in a hurry.

  5. Some of you people are real mean…. But I agree this was an EPIC fail,but
    Maybe you people could be a little nicer… And I’m not trying to cause a fight
    I’m sorry if I got any of you pissed ^_^

  6. Bribri123, you seem real nice. I want to say something real ugly to you right now, but I just can’t bring myself to say it.
    You be good, ok? Because some of us just don’t have that niceness in us, Sweety. And we really need nice people like you.

  7. it’s funny because i do know this guy and it was originally posted on “the most beautiful teenager contest” as a troll. it is quite obviously faked. 😀

  8. I know this kid he got 100 likes on his picture cause he’s such a badass with rock hard abs and i don’t know what you all talking about but this kid is a badass and bad to the bone
    i know him too

  9. i just feel like kicking his ass he aint fooling me and what a finger im gonna die o no its a finger ahhhhhhh…………………………………………………… DICK HEAD

  10. It’s funny everyone says “photoshopped!” when it is quite obvious. Like him being an obvious troll. Just sayin’.

  11. mmkay, yea, OBVIOUSLY his abs are fake. Like none of us knew… honestly DONT point out the OBVIOUS, i swear it will get you no where in life. If you think it will, think again, honey. -____________-

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