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  1. @Nicky No Name, After you RAPE my Dog PINEAPPLE and gave his STD.. PINEAPPLE is so DUMB, he is walking into walls..

    1. first off. thank you for choosing my name for you canine.
      sad to hear about all the misconduct towards said canine.
      i’m considering reporting you to the aspca.
      secondly why are you continuously so hateful toward others?
      i just want one logical answer.

    2. @pineapple – Sometimes people with clinical issues (e.g., 2lolo) need to lash out at others in an attempt to get attention. I suspect Mommy and Daddy issues.

  2. Trying to get a comment out of that guy ouzt of pity, eh? – Some reporters go to great lengths for getting their information. God bless investigative journalism!

  3. Quickly wiped the smug look on that bitch-ass reporter’s face! Seriously, look at his face right before impact! I fucking hate news reporters. They are usually of well-below average intelligence, and a way inflated sense of self-importance. You can see how he thinks he’s got this attorney so on-the-ropes by chasing him and asking questions, even though he probably has no answers of his own.

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