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    1. Dear whomever: PLEASE Help FIRST,understand not ALL of us Americans, act stupid. And, PLEASE help them realize, them TRYING to be blunt, just goes to show, how much of a major, retarded ASSHOLE, the TRULY are. >:| @#$#-ing Moron. xP

    2. abadea mojrna,

      Don’t generalize like you know all Americans. Oh, by the way, actions don’t make us human beings… genetics do, jackass.

  1. It says “aslut” in the mirror versus “tulsa.” It doesn’t fail because she’s a little heavier. -_- L2BackwardsRead.

  2. Lived on east Tulsa for 19 years until that area got over ran with illegals. this ‘epicfail’ post and most of the comments are the biggest fail about this whole post. Theres plenty more citys with worse names then a mirrored image of Tulsa… Morons, smh.

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