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    1. word up, dude! This site used to be fun, but with 70% of the fails being some made-up texting shit, this is really getting lame. There’s for that kind of shit…

  1. Why are some people aloud to have a facebook page.There should be restriction on facebook saying that if you are gonna make comment fails ,you can’t have your own page and any other fails. GET THE FUCK OFF FACEBOOK!

    1. Why? Well, you’re a GREAT reason WHY. It’s so people like me, and others, can laugh our asses off, at such silly little comments, that silly, stupid people make! 😀 THAT is why, people that are like these people, on this FB fail, are ALLOWED to have their own pages.

      Being stupid, and failing, isn’t Illegal. In some cases, that is good. XD

    1. Our Heavenly Father, thank you for creating these people that explain all the jokes. How would us dumbasses ever get by and learn without these self professed professors?

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