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  1. God damn Americans, if only they would have done things by themselves back then, instead of having black slaves doing it for them, we would not be here today.

    1. You do know the USA wasn’t the only place that had slaves…I’m pretty sure almost every civilization has had some form of it…

  2. wow that was the worst thing i have ever seen. would have been better if he shot himself in the foot with the shotgun at the end

  3. WOW!!! What was that lol I couldnt get past laughing so hard to even pay attention to everything else. Team USA there buddy represent!!

    1. From what I gathered from the “song”, it is his friend that inspires him…could also be his crack dealer as well. Not quite sure.

    1. @INTELLECTUAL DUDE, I’m coming over to see your Mother and Sister Tonight. Tonight is ASS to Mouth night. As you know Mom love it.. and Sister is learning… Please stay at your boyfriends tonight

    2. You are so funny and witty 2lolo, I can’t help it. I love you more than blue marmalade and soft carpets. You don’t need to fuck your little friends’ mothers and sisters and hamsters anymore. Just marry me.

  4. I like how he’s an army of one. And he’s not even marching to the beat. Sooo…there are definitely some good qualities to this “music video”.

  5. The best part is the cut to his white friend holding a fishing pole. How random was that? Like he was forced to use that footage because it was all he had.. And why is he laying on the bridge like he got shot? LOL.

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