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    1. wow…for real. Her dad kept it fn real. He made a comment about HIS daughter. Daddy issues….you should look in the mirror. Chris brown beat her, but ill be the first to say you were not in that car. Being from Barbados I promise you shes just as guilty of went down as he is. I assure you her mouth got ahead of her ass. Thats Barbados women for you.

    1. And the 2 must be an accident. It’s single figures, surely. Good joke though. If we can’t laugh at famous women getting violently abused, what can we laugh at?? She probably deserved it anyway… made the wrong sandwich or something.

  1. He calls her fat.. and then moves on! I dont see the issues behind it. now if he just tore into her about her weight i would see the problem. But I dont really see how this is a fail

    1. @ james…You are correct sir. I didnt see a fail either. I saw a dad telling the truth.

  2. wtf smh no wonder rihanna is crazy..smh n he calling ppl fat when his eyes r cocked like a pistol FAIL ON FAIL ON FAIL

  3. god someone please beat her ass again….and this time make sure she doesnt get up…tired of looking at this attention seeking whore!!
    dispose of the father too…its his fault she is in this world!

  4. Bitches wanted equal rights, now that they have them they’re crying about them when they’re applied in real life.
    That means if you’re acting like a trifling whore and sending out photos of yourself nude to random dudes, you kinda have it coming.

    -note to robyn, it’s Rhianna, not Rihanna. Way to be an idiot.

    1. ……….really? Her name is Rihanna….Robyn RIHANNA Fenty…can’t correct the girl on the spelling of her own name

    1. See,love is stronger than anything. And so 2lolo, even if you were fugly as hell and dumber than my big toe, I would still love you more than crispy pancakes. Please marry me.

  5. There is no such thing as “Rihanna”….it is Lil Bow Wow in drag. Match up pics if u think I’m lyin

  6. how is this a fail?????

    why cant people get over the chris brown issue its been years what about the actors that beat up their wife?? like sean conney charlie sheen and many more people and just moved on but chris brown ppl are not letting this go??? wow ppl r so sad sometimes

    1. You’re sad so condoning his behavior. He has no remorse and never did. Have you heard his new songs? He doesn’t respect anyone other than himself. And he’s an arrogant bastard.

  7. I’m torn here… she’s an alien-faced (gets it from her father apparently), talentless pop-whore… but her father is a worthless piece of shit… personally, I’d like to punch them both in the face.

    1. @Nicky No Name, You take her father and punch, fight, Fuck him or let him fuck. I’ll take Rihanna , I’ll be happy to Fuck her..

    2. Deal… but only because getting fucked by you is surely far worse than being punched in the face.

  8. No good Father would allow Chris Brown to be breathing through anything, that is, but a tube (if they’re lucky). If some, good-for-nothing, asshole beat any of my children their unidentifiable body parts would already have been scattered, and in several locations, by now. I, in no way, could live with myself as a parent if I this ‘man’. You lay a hand on my kid in anger and I will fuck you up, no second chances. This guy is a fucking prick. Who is the dumbass that decided he was even worthy of an interview?

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