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    1. No, sorry, ah…American. Because they buy Taco Bell or Ortega pre-cooked taco shells at fuck’n Kroger’s or Safeway. Everyone knows they are sharp as a razor. Why don’t you get a wet back friend to show you how tacos are really done; he could also help you with your rhetoric and grammar as well.

    2. because too many ‘wet-backs’ are second generation american or later and dont know the first thing about mexican culture, much less the art of taco making.

  1. And then to make matters worse, you went on Facebook like a retarded school girl and told a bunch of people who don’t know you or even give a shit. What a douche.

    1. he posted his own status…. that’s a fail? whose status are you supposed to post? i think you just contributed a fail of your own.

    2. Ummmm…so 2bloblo is a fake troll? How do you manage to massacre the english language so thoroughly under your other screen name? By the by, it’s supposed to be “who’s”

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