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  1. Thank God, he just neutered himself. We really don’t need anymore little niglets running around this country.
    Boy is a patriot he just saved us from spending thousands of tax dollars.

    1. Way to go, Moron. You just showed, how truly ignorant, and stupid, you REALLY are! Not ALL Blacks, are dependent on the Government. Shit! >:|

    2. @OMFG, nope Zoey is just stating a fact. I dont take help from Govt. and every year my Tax Refund gets smaller. I dont blame welfare, I blame the politicians that get hella paid with our tax dollars and they still work in favor of Corporations and Banks.

  2. Er, why can’t anyone accept that he’s just a kid who fucked up? White or black, people are going to laugh and walk away.

  3. This happens anywhere there is too many females staring at a guy who has no experience talking to or behaving around women.

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