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    1. To quote another Nicky… “I’ve always dreamt of having sex with a gross pig… can I wash my winky in your kitchen sinky?”

    2. wow… scarey fat black chick photoshopped her ass as smaller, and distorted her entire appearance making her look like MARA, and eddie murphy on the right in a coincidental ad that just happens to portray perfectly what every man who sees this cow thinks. 🙂

    1. @Nicky No Name, Are you calling “FRED” an “UGLY-TRANSVESTITE”??? You been Sleeping with “FRED” for the past week……….

    2. That he is, Big. That…he is. =S He’s not really trolling anymore. He’s just becoming a pain in the ass. With odd tales, of his twisted, wet dreams. That he seems to WANT to share, with Nicky, and everyone else…x]

  1. Well, that’s even a fail within a fail: why did the person who submitted this have taken a photo of her screen? I mean, there’s something quite useful with computers and it’s called screenshots.

    1. I bet she has a fridge full of Fried Chicken and watermelon, maybe she’s your soulmate 😉

    2. That’s NOT thick! That’s “fat”. Dx There is a HUGE difference, between a thick woman, and a FAT woman ._.

  2. What is the name of the key on the keyboard that takes a snapshot of the screen. You know, the one towards the top right that saves us the hassle of taken actual photos of a monitor screen.

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