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  1. Cool designs. But who wants to walk around with two faces on his head. Wait, wouldn’t that make him a three face….. See what I did there ? Wack I know

    1. Did you notice the moron speaking trying to use big words to sound smart? That would be called a collage and not a montage. But it’s probably because whitey cheated him out of his edjumacation.

    1. Fred on my left cheek and Ian on the right… if I clench really hard, I can make them kiss.

    2. lol, I come on EF just to read both of their comments sometimes. Always makes my day to see how much of a waterhead 2lolo will be that day xD

  2. I call it a fail. Waste of time for something that you’ll barely see the next day, and completely gone in 3-4 days.

  3. I say epic win for the barber’s skill, and epic fail for the douche biscuit who got the cut.

  4. Fuck mikel jordan it’s gay to walk around with that penis sucker’s picture on your head. Some people are too gay.

  5. Haircut probaly costs $500.00 and yet this guy wont pay for his multiple illegitimate kids or rent.

  6. This is bad ass, but the maintenance has to be a bitch if dude wants to keep that for the next few weeks. Barber WIN, Cunticle FAIL for paying what I’m sure is over $200 for initial cut and then the maintenance money.

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