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  1. Maybe it’s a detention punishment? Teacher gave her a copy of The Bible and told her to highlight all the contradictory, hypocritical bull-shit.

    1. Haha I love a bit of playful controversy. Come on God Squad, you can do better than that!

    2. On Judgement Day I’m gonna laugh, point, giggle and fart at you Nicky.
      BTW: -25 Good Christian points.

  2. Nicky No Name: If you had ever taken the time to educate yourself, you first of all would have known that when typing The Bible with capital letters it is done so because of respect of the book. Secondly you would have known that it is uneducated and low (or no) class people who use any religion negatively when commenting on whatever. So maybe it is a younger version of you trying to read and highlighting the sections not understood.

    1. Go thump somewhere else bra’ this is a humor site. How do you troll from your high horse anyhow?

    2. I’m a non-practicing Catholic, so I don’t care either way, but that guy was just trying to be provocative. He’s an atheist because it’s trendy. I’m sure they would all cover themselves with dog shit if it were trendy, or worse: believe in God! Gasp! Just don’t take the bait. Bible is capitalized because it’s a proper noun, not out of respect. Same reason God and the Koran are capitalized. Win arguments through valid points, not bull shit.

    3. Hey if Nicky No Name has the balls to be offensive, then Steenbra has the same right. One states their opinion, and another does the same. DUH!

    4. I respect everyone’s right to an opinion… fact is, there’s barely a single passage within The Bible (<– see, I have respect) that is not contradicted by another. The faithful (gullible/ desperate/ mislead) argue that we're interpreting it all wrong but it's designed (by men) to be open to interpretation and is intentionally vague, so as to allow Bible bashers (such as yourself and no doubt your parents/ their parents etc etc) to argue against the obvious and twist it's meaning to suit their opinion. If there is something more to our existence (and, as far as I can tell, quantum physics offers the greatest hope of anything tangible), then it goes far beyond the understanding of man several thousand years ago… or even today. If I'm wrong and end up in Hell with a pitchfork up my ass then I'll be there with a smile, not because I'm super gay n love anal forking, but because I'll know that all the horrible shit in the world has not gone unpunished. Why don't you sit back and question where your faith truly comes from (let me save you the time- it was conditioned into you) and why you need to believe (because you're too scared to consider the likelihood that THIS is all there is). Everyone is entitled to an opinion but the difference between mine and yours is that mine is well considered and requires no blind faith or ignorance.

      Sweet Jesus! That was quite a rant. Felt good though. Felt righteous 😉

    5. Good Christian, “I don’t think I’m going to heaven because I think I’m better than everybody else. I’m going because I KNOW I am!”

    6. Thanks. It’s fun to preach. Shouldn’t I at least get +5 good Christian points for capitalizing The Bible? Which would put me at around -10083746287. Ish.

  3. not really, that’s a win
    teacher said to highlight the important stuff
    assholes 🙂

  4. Or maybe the guy was like: I’m fucking tried of all these damn raciest white pages!! Lets give a nod to the asians and make them yellow! … equality win

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