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    1. You haven’t seen Tyler Perry’s House of Payne? Black people are fricken hilarious… πŸ˜‰

    2. I dont think it has anything to do with skin color, it’s just not funny. Why u trying to suck up to black people anyway. N by the way that show Is not hilarious at all so stop trying so hard.

    3. yea tha fuck that shyts funny! the reason why your not laughing putita, is because you prolly do that same shyt. duckface hatin ass cabronaaaa!

    4. For some, yes. It brings out the shit, and giggles. Others, it makes the “chuckle”. Then, we have people like you. That don’t really find a lot funny. Me, I find it mildly amusing. x]

    5. yeah your right i do find it mildly amusing maybe would’ve been better if he cut a small hole in the pan and put the camera there

    6. Oh Amy where to begin, I’m gonna take it easy on you since ur probably having crack problems n u probably not thinking straight. Ur pimp it’s black isn’t he. And that’s why u said house of payne it’s hilarious cus he’s keeping them drugs from u n u trying to be his friend. U should go to rehab before u end up dead. Oh that’s right u already dead

    7. Acttualy Mara I think you might be growing on me. Your kind of like that cute autistic kid. So dont let all these pricks bring ya down!

  1. Self pictures infront of a mirror is fucking stupid itself, you need an iPad, like this idiots main picture on the top left.

  2. I assume this guy is mocking first generation iPad users as the iPad 2 has a front camera and thus would not require a mirror to take a self portrait. Also the iPad camera is awful, maybe he should have pixelated his photo in photoshop for a more realistic effect. Anyway I can see what he is trying to do but it’s not that funny. Definitely not worthy of an Epic Fail “WIN”

  3. Samswayy – Dude! That was so hilarious man! Some people won’t get that but I got it the second I saw it and I was laughing out loud man. You should be like the Black Carrot Top but Funnier. Respect.

  4. i swear people make me sick always want to put color in something that have nothing to do with color and when its a black person it always have something to do with being ghetto i havent seen any of that shit on a white person pic foh predjudice ass bitches

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