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  1. Judging by the writing on the boxes (and a healthy dose of racist ignorance), those 2 could well be the starter and main course. Wonder what puppy meat tastes like… (already tried pussy. Tastes like mild fish, with a subtle hint of stale urine).

    1. I know it’s wrong but it actually felt kinda good… my mother was really pissed though… she loved that cat.

    2. How the fuck do you come up with these cute little quips, 2homo? You should apply for a Fox News reporter job.

    3. sounds like someone like penis wayy too much. I wondr if that’s what ur last boyfriend said about ur balls?

    4. I wonder how no one mentioned that the writing on the boxes is Japanese and not Chinese… oh wait, no one likes a smartass, guess that’s why… damnit.

    1. Looks like an English Cocker Spaniel. But if I were you I wouldn’t go for a purebred Cocker as they’re quite prone to congenital diseases like rage syndrome and ear infections.

  2. Patience Win? Wrong – the cat is loving that scratching behind the ears and behind the head if you know anything about cats. It’s like saying I have a lot of patience while my girlfriend is massaging my back, lol.

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