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    1. Nect time use your status as first in line to do something useful. Something along the lines of pointing out that this is not a petting zoo and she is obviously there to see to the birthing of the new calf as evidenced by the latex gloves she is wearing. This is a Triple fail here. You for acting like a noob, the mod for being to ignorant to know what they were captioning and her for doing something that foolish in the first place. You all get nothing, you lose , good day sirs and dames.

    1. I’m going to overlook the fact that your comment makes no sense and suggest that you stop fighting this thing we have together… this sensual magnetism. I know you want me, you know you want me… even 2lolo knows it and he’s mentally challenged. Why don’t we just get naked and wrestle?

    2. In your dreams. I’m already taken and if I wasn’t I still wouldn’t. I would rather be a lesbian first or maybe a nun, heck I’ll even consider my gay friend before ever considering you. But I’m gonna do u a favor since u seem desperate to get a girls affection( which u probably don’t know what that feels like) I’ll let my fat gay virgin friend to take u into consideration.

    3. Nicky No Name, Here is your chance to Fuck a Cow… After all you rape my dog “Pineapple”…….

    4. I changed girlfriends. That’s my sex change. And no. Neither had a dick, so don’t go that route.

    5. @Mara
      You mentioning your gay friends in every single comment is starting to piss me off. No( say it with me now), you are not Grace.

    6. Nicky why do they always hate on you bro? You have the most intellectual and insightful comments I have ever seen on Epic Fail. I read alot of the posts but dont comment much, however, I feel I should do so more often…
      “Years of being beaten by men, finally paying off” <<— classic just saying.. I thinks its Mara in the video…

    7. @DownAndDirty, Nicky No Name is actually Steven Hawkins, only a select few know this. It’s the only chance he gets to troll and not sound like a robot!!

    8. Thanks fellas… it’s nice to be appreciated at last for more than just my tight buns.

    9. Why is it always the morons that wants to start something with me. Hey lymbe I only said the word gay twice so I don’t get how it’s on every post. N my bad I didn’t know u was gay. N if u don’t like my comments then why bother reading them, I’m kind of flattered actually to know I can get under ur skin so easily. At the end u will like me n want to be my friend. Men always fall at my feet just ask ur pal Nicky. N if u saw me u will turn straight again, trust me I’ve turned gay men straight again, n ur next on my list

    10. It’s fucking obvious. Mara loves freaky. Why else would she be foreplaying with Nicky?
      Sorry, Nick. “Just sayin”.

    11. Mara sounds terrible in bed. Any woman who talks that much just doesn’t know how to take a dick in the mouth and probably complains that “it hurts” in MISSIONARY when your dick is only half way in. It’s balls deep for you every time in your pussy and mouth. You’ll be happier this way.

    1. Mariapersino io ci sono arrivato, al fatto che ogni uomo, se tenta di essere buono e giusto, se non rinnega l’evidenza di Dio, viene ipso facto arruolato nelle file dei musulmani.Noi cattolici alla peggio li definiamo grandi uomini, come fece Manzoni con Napoleone, ma abbiamo un poco più di rirFcno.Salutietancesgo

  1. Odviously the woman has never been in labor, otherwise she would have known that when in the process of giving birth a reasuring pat is met with a swift kick to the teeth

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