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    1. Its not a mouse its a rat but its suppose to be a platupuss. For fuck sakes! I’m getting tired of explaining the epic fails to dumb asses!

  1. Whoa!! Epic Photoshop lameness win level 9000!!! New achievement unlocked: LAMEFACE (◕_◕) + Lameness combo bonus: E P I C LAMEFACED CROWD (◕(◕_◕)◕)(◕(◕_◕)◕)

    1. Don’t wanna go near the ones with T-Rex snatch. They got pterodactyl faces. And the dark don’t help none.

    1. First off you spelled ‘Stegosaurus’, ‘Tyrannosaurus’, and ‘existed’ all wrong. I think that was a deffinate fail.

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