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    1. Mike Doom this is a homo free site I’m going to,have to ask you to leave. Its nothing against your sexual oriantation. I’m sure there are other sites more suitable for your kind and your needs.

  1. That’s annoying. I wonder whose fault it was. I’ve been bumped in a similar way at airports when shuttles with long back ends pull away from the curb hard. When they turn hard, the long back end pivots on the back axles and side swipes anyone they got close to. Frustrating, because they’re moving forward but they hit something behind them.

  2. Wow, people just don’t look or use caution opening doors to the traffic side anymore. Seen too many people do this dumb shit and have that lovely consequence happen. betcha he wont do that again.

    1. It was an acident could we just leave it at that? When did people use cation to open doors to traffic. 5 yrs ago? 10 yrs maybe?

  3. Guess they thought they were the sun and life revolved around them and everyone would be just happy to move out of their way. sort of explains a lot of the stupidity anyone is exposed to on a given day. These people are f-tards. Hopefully they already wrapped the car they actually purchased around a pole somewhere and are dead. Less pain for the rest of us. The world is no doubt a better place without them. Oh no she dint. Snap.

  4. Hahahah. The bus driver was like “hey, you in the Maserati!”..(crash)…”Fuck you and your Maserati”

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