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    1. @Intellectual Dude, please try this on a dead end street.. Your mother can used your insurance money..

  1. For the sake of not being an oddball, I’m going with the cliche,”If you have nothing good to say, then keep your fucking trap shut.”

  2. Straight road the whole way. You wanna impress me, do that on a curvy road……I’m kidding. That was all kinds of cool.

    1. I’m with you. I need to see people fall. Like the video just above it, with the guy in his socks in the kitchen. Now that’s funny!

    1. Not really, since it was clearly a closed road, and he has really good balance. It probably earns him a living, and he enjoys doing it.

  3. I am beginning to think people don’t even care if they die. Of course i guess professional stunt people always realize there is that possibllity

  4. He coulda got ran over by a bunch of bikes and caused a terrible crash. The guys doing wheelies are wild too.
    I never seen anybody with that much nerve, and he pulled it off while video-ing everybody while HE was being video-ed.
    Everybody BOW to the MASTER!

  5. no matter how cool this might be for ppl who are into this stuff, but i cant wait to see him in a fail vid where he breaks his neck for being an idiot doing that 🙂

  6. The only think making this “Win” instead of fail is the fact he never fell off, he’s still an ass who deserved to fall off. So it’s Still fail.

  7. Most of them probably work at wendys, still live in there moms basements and are dating junior high students. Buy a real bike if your going to ride. And grow the fuck up!!

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