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People Fail

Submitted by Ken T.

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    1. You shouldn’t comment on someone calling themselves Jesus and think they are going to care. its really stupid. like a lot.

  1. Yup…knew it, I hope those people who “donated” money to these assholes get a big ass “fuck you you’re not getting your money back retards, trolololololoooo”

  2. u guys r fucking assholes, u just post whatever u find and that makes u a bigger fail
    no he wasn’t masturbating, he was just in a beach in bath suit, they didn’t expect the millions of ppl in the first video and he was overwhelmed, specially bcuz he is in the whole video and his son so u take it personally… after hard days under the sun, he was delirious and he was just kicking the side walk and car’s bumpers, just kicking and that’s why they took it to the hospital
    no one is asking for the donations back, whoever suggested that is sad pathetic retard
    fuck off

    1. Are you for real dude? Is this your bf? Does it make you mad that he’s a phony? The donations go to the Ugandan army which is ruled and controlled by someone who’s even worse than Kony. It’s pretty likely they’re profiting a lot from this as well. This movie omits information, tries to manipulate you emotionally, and doesn’t even give you the whole story. Kony’s been inactive and gone for 6 years. If you donated money, you just gave it to a tyrant’s military. Congratulations, bro. You’re a real fucking activist behind your computer.

    1. FRED, Stop Bad Mouthing Nicky No Name. After all Nicky is helping you to get your SEX CHNGE…

      : )

  3. Man, I remember waking up after a night of extreeeeme drunkiness and being like…fuck im an idiot… those 10 people must think I’m a fucktard.
    I imagine Jason felt a little worse when he woke up in the hospital an realised fuck…those 80 million people (Atleast) must think im a fucktard….again.
    This truly is a fail.

  4. wtf this is fake?!
    he was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition you morons
    and then was acting crazy because of that

    1. DUDE…what everyone needs to understand is…it doesn’t matter if its from dehydration, malnutrition, marijuana, alcohol or fucking Lysergic acid diethylamide. If you run around naked, masterbating, pounding fists and yelling retarded things IN PUBLIC….its a FAIL. PERIOD.
      -Now fuck off.


  5. I don’t believe that no one here is questioning the authenticity of this “story.” There is no by-line, and no source information, that makes it most likely Bullshit all the way to your easily influenced, simple little minds. Please!

    1. The guy was arrested… Invisible Children put out a statement AND last but not least there is a video on youtube from tmz. The guy was messed up, naked and smashing the ground. The story is very true and it is very funny. The statement put out by his charity said he was suffering from “exhaustion” and “Dehydration” …. yea, Staying awake for 5 days smoking meth with do that to a person. Seriously tho, The guy is an Opportunist and a scammer I’m just glad people found out before they donated their life savings to the Ugandan Military.

  6. Why is it that everybody is busy masterbating at home and once sombody does it in public. Oh my god lets kill him!

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