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    1. dumbass white boy if he was black would made it but i bet he would have been wearn socks to with flip flops fo sure

    1. agreed, that should have been a broken neck and a pool of blood…. god dam i miss nothing toxic

    2. @Fred: I know that feel, man… and indeed, nothingtoxic… those were the days…well, at least there’s theync…

    3. Look what happen when Natural Selection did to you.. Made you into a Retard Tranny.. Who trying to sell his/her self to have a Sex Change. But your so fat, Ugly that only Nicky No Name will pay for you.. You got a long way to go..

      : )

  1. It’s actually like he over jumped it. Still very impressive. Too bad he was wearing socks…dummy.

    1. Socks or no socks it’s not revulant, his center of gravity wasnt over counter. I forgive you.

    2. the socks did play a big role, no grip with socks on, so even if he did stick the landing forward momentum would’ve screwed him over.

    3. Not really. If he’d of jumped forward with his whole body as well as the bottom half of his legs he would of been alright. I can jump on to stuff at just under my chest height and it’s fine as long as your torso is in line or slightly forward of your legs/feet.

    1. Well, yeah. One for beer and the other’s for ham and cheese slices…and more beer. Doesn’t everybody have two?

  2. Okay, how, just HOW could this douchebag even imagine accomplishing anything by that… Jumping on a marble tabletop while wearing socks… way to go…

  3. What people don’t realize is that doing something so dumb like that is he really could have killed himself. I heard a story about someone that use to jump up on his car all the time and one time he messed up he broke his neck and killed himself.

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