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    1. i could see her planning some diabolical crimes, sure. like maybe helping me bury a hooker or some shit like that.

  1. call me a weirdo but i think she’s really pretty and hot! like bad girls and love heavy metal, hell yeah \m/ !!!

  2. I would consider splitting her whiskers… but I would certainly try to avoid looking at her shiny head until I was done (about 10 seconds).

  3. I hate this new trend where perfectly attractive girls go WAY out of their way to look unattractive. Fake tans, bad makeup, duck faces, and now shaved heads and even worse makeup. WHY??

  4. Actually, for the subculture she appears to be in, she is very attractive. Just because you do not like the style, does not mean she is unattractive. I dont shave my head like that, but I look very similar to this woman. I think she is beautiful, but then again, I’m goth too, and I like goths.

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