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    1. She was probably riding in it like kids do all the time and then fell asleep but they didn’t want to wake her. it’s more a parenting fail. Still better than seeing the legions of 8 year olds that have their white yuppy parents pushing them in strollers. Not racist just a fact that I’ve never seen a black kid past 3 riding in a stroller the way I see white kids as old as 10 getting pushed around.

    2. You got that right…I hate those kind of white people.
      Not That Kind Of White Person, JR.

  1. it’s funny how all the stupid racist sh*ts are always on black pics, but nobody was talking about how that stupid inbred hick cracked his kid’s head on concrete by carrying him while skateboarding. black people weren’t in there talking about the stupid sh*t that white people do. you know why? because only idiot racist f*cks pay that much attention to unnecessary crap like race. please go kill yourselves.

  2. Really some people are so damn ‘sensitive’ so the little kid got in it and fell asleep? Big freakin whoop! Jeeze why dont we all put our big girl panties on and get the F**K over it already!?

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