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  1. LYMBE, Is that you??? Ever time I see you, you have some thing in your mouth… I remember seeing you giving IAN a Blow-job..

    1. And I remeber you on your knees infront of me sweetheart, so stop picking baby! Btw your mom said I need to stop being so rough with you, she is done finding blood where your shit streaks use to be.

    2. But sweetie you got to stop lieing. People are gonna think your a self hater like hitler….. Besides you said you love my meat.

  2. OH !! I love that song can someone tell me who sings it?
    You know some pecker head is going to say,that so it might as well be me.

  3. lol,lol,lol,lol,That is the way a drunk prank should be done,nobody gets hurt and when he wakes up he has all his hair and so on,plus to watch the video the next day he might think twice on how much to drink around his “friends”,lol,lol

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