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    1. indeed it is reply win. But I personally think taking away the question mark is more impactful. lol.

  1. um this whole thing is a fail because sheep don’t die after they are shaved for their wool ! You don’t skin them, you shave them. The only thing they die from is heat exhaustion from too much wool and of course getting butchered for their meat. So that is indeed one big intelligence fail.

    1. Then again, maybe the sheep was shaved AND butchered afterwards. In that case, the first comment would be valid 😀

    2. Shelly, Adelaide brings up a good point. Chances are they do shave sheep before butchering. In that case you are an epic fail as well.

  2. Well it’s who made the fail. Because they probably think the reply is a win but it is not. It’s a fail reply because that coat is made out of sheep skin, and you can’t take that of the sheep without killing it. But another fail is the first question because you probably only need one, max two, sheeps to make that coat. So this is actually a triple fail

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