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  1. That’s how the British train their young ones to become football stars, the kid now has to learn how to roll around on the ground like a crying pussy and he’ll make the premier league!!

    1. @First, if you hear the accent at the start it’s definitely not American! I’ll forward you my bank details shortly.

    1. Is he interested in me or what? Cus I have other gays waiting to take me for dinner. 2lolo sends me flowers every Tuesday.

    2. @Nicky No Name, Damn!!! You must be getting old, It wasn’t me.. It’s Fred who been sending you all the flowers on Tuesday’s. If it was me, NICKY you will remember me. I’ll Fuck your face so hard
      all away down to my balls.

    3. Ok Mara we get it, you’re ethnic, you can stop trying to impress everybody with your jibberish now.

    1. All women I’ve ever known (except for those that actually played football) seem to be fully incapable of kicking a ball without toe-punting it. I have no idea why.

    2. I know right? When I played in university it sucked playing against other girls. And they’d cry all the time……..

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