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    1. Dumb Guy. Please don’t encourage this type of behavior. Your just as bad as this little prick.

  1. I think this one was a girl.. and its sad when we promote stupidity as something so comical. This person will probably breed, and hold a position of authority…. and that terrifies me.

  2. All you self righteous pricks above, fuck off. This so called fail is nothing more than an adult miserably failing at pretending a kid wrote this nonsense. Lately, seems to be all this site generates.

    1. um sir… in all stupidity you are the most idiotic person on Epic fail… in this situation here are some items that give hints on why its a student…. 1.) why would an adult have a school practice workbook? 2.) Adults write way better than this… 3.) why would they take the time and write this and waste money on buying a workbook…so in this case sir you are indeed a fail on trolling and have a pleasant day sir…

    2. Andrew, it saddens me to inform you that some adults have children. Children have been known to bring homework home (hence the name HOMEwork). You may also be interested to know that it is not that difficult to change one’s handwriting to make appear child like. So I must now inform you that YOU ARE THE MOST IDIOTIC PERSON ON EPIC FAIL!! ANDREW’S BRAIN IS AN EPIC FAIL!!!

  3. While I find this kind of funny, I have to agree that promoting a lack of education isn’t exactly the best thing to do.

  4. You guys are all idiots. While blaming the education system, you failed to realize the student got the answer right. Ergo, win.

  5. Buster is right. The student DID include 3 noun clauses. If the rest of you were even half-assed educated, you would have noticed. Fail.

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