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    1. Not a bad idea Vic. So how bout it I’ll give u five bucks and u can be doby for me. N I pick doby cus that’s really the only character u can play out seeing as ur both creepy n ugly

    2. I have to agree, Mara and 2lolo would be the perfect couple, they seem to be on the same level. If they had children it could be a problem but I suspect that 2lolo is gay and Mara has long-term chlamydia, so it should be fine.

  1. I see no fail about this. Cept the theme parties. Go to leakycon. Join myhogwarts. Join pottermore. Join the it’s real for us Facebook group. There’s lots of ways to still enjoy something you held dear from childhood. (hello, how many people have star wars and star trek shit?)

    1. Awe Ian. I would, but someone has to be around to employ dumbfucks such as yourself 🙂

  2. I still can’t let go of Dawson’s Creek… I just miss Dawson and Pacey so bad. Gonna keep writing those death threats ’til it’s back on the air! I’m a positive person.

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