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    1. Bar 9… neva don dat u dun sed dat shyt!! nah i neva dum../ diss bite my back around!!! run tel dat!!1 bich

    2. what a fucking moron…… I thought a spit was something you roasted pigs on, or saliva ejected from the mouth…. I think the proper derogatory racial insult is spic…. and what the fuck is a back around?? does it mean back ground?

  1. She is so very stupid that you can’t tell whether she’s for or against racism. To be honest, i don’t even think she knows

  2. I hate Biraciel people, too. I don’t like them because I don’t know who and what the fuck they are. Same goes for SPITs. And what the fuck is their Back Around? Fucking assholes, IMO.

  3. I hate racist people , especially when you call another person born in America a SPIC…. just because their background is spanish…Bar 9 is a racist bar never again…

    1. Thank you for the translation. It took me ten minutes to figure it out. I should have just read the comments.

    2. Yeah, I really couldn’t make out that she meant “racist” when she typed “biraciel”. I thought she meant bi-racial.

    3. Hah, thanks for the translation. That gibberish she wrote didn’t make any sense whatsoever.

  4. how can the word ‘racist’ – or ‘racial’, be incorrectly spelt with a ‘Bi’ at the beginning. What word was she trying, in her cute way, to translate?

    What a cunt.

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