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  1. why cant my pizza’s look this awesome when i cook them! they usually come out shit burnt brown or brick red burnt!

    1. my mom would love your pizza. if it is not black as sin it is not good enougb for her. growing up pizza night was the worst night ever

  2. Defrosted pizza without a tray and too many topings. This can only be sucessful folded in half,then it makes calzone fingers.

  3. there are WAY to many pizza fails on this site. You would think by looking at these pictures, people would realize, “Hey! I should put my pizza on a cookie sheet!”

  4. I wonder if this could be recreated in a controlled fashion to intentionally create A-Bomb Pizzas…. maybe slot the top rack, pan on a lower rack… some kind of wired cone rack system… F’… I’m going to MAKE this pizza!

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