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    1. Might be nice but i think we can all agree that this is NOT epic. This is okay at best but it is soooo far from some of the carvings we’ve seen that to call it epic is like calling some random 1st graders crayon drawings a Rembrandt.

    1. by simply shaving the brown off when he is done

    2. Interesting fact… if you rub your penis on fruit (the bellend to be precise), it stops it from browning. Be sure to buy it first though. Got me in a lot of trouble.

    3. Ever heard of Lemon Juice? You spray the apple with Lemon Juice, while carving it, to keep it from browning. ;P

    4. @Nicky No Name, Fred called ask for you, because Fred lost your cell number. FRED wanted to know if you will be his “SEX SURROGATE”. I told him you be happy to be……

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