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  1. @FRED, The Drug Lord is looking for someone like you. When they found out that you can take a Horse Dick all away UP your BUTT and still has room for more.. They need you…….

    1. Well, you can hold just as much, if not more. Trouble is, with your anal prolapse problem, it all shoots out and falls to the ground as soon as you strain to move your wheelchair. If you weren’t such a fuckwit you’d suggest they sew it shut. I mean, they do it with dogs, why are they so sympathetic to a retard like you?

  2. I wondered why I always get pulled over and breath tested by police, I thought my licence plate “LUVBOOZE” was subtle!!

  3. Sometimes when you look at a movie or show (fiction), you think no way something like that could happen in real life, and than real life comes around and shows you that it can be waaaaayyyyy more unconceivable than anything you can think off. I mean seriously plates, hotel wtf!

  4. I heard that you like to smuggle, so we put a smuggle in your smuggle so you can smuggle while you smuggle.

  5. I think about this level of stupidity every time I see cars with big pot leaf stickers on the back window. Me…I have a Fraternal Order of Police bumper sticker.

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