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    1. Haha! It popped off in the first movie, remember? He started lubricating all over the human. LOL

    1. @FRED, YOU “UGLT TRANSVESTITE” only thing you are looking at is under the bumblebee sign….. Hoping someday you get a pussy…..

    2. 2lolo, you were the one looking at the bumblebee sign, while I was thinking that the cut lip girl’s costume would have been so much better if she had left off those black panties.

    3. it is part of her costume, from mortal combat. i think her name is kitana. or something like that

    4. It is probably a piercing. She has a dermal stud under her right clavicle. Bet she’s a freak.

    1. no, but my girlfriends usually weigh somewhere between 50 and 70lbs, due to the fact that they’re children. so by comparison, this chick is way too huge for me. plus, since i have a small cock, her hands would make my junk look like a toothpick.

    2. He did use YOUR correctly idiot.YOUR means it belongs to you. Ex. YOUR CAR… You’re is YOU ARE. EX. YOU’RE AN IDIOT.

    3. I was referring to you+are=you’re’s username and the irony behind it, considering his bad sentence structure. I wasn’t dissing Krieger.

    4. ximenez (illegal alien, likely)- please diagram my sentences and point out the specific errors. alluding to “fragments and run-on sentences” without providing specific examples is something rick santorum would do.

  1. The Bumblebee costume is cool. Melina could could take a pounding and then some. Boobs make all the difference in female cosplay.

    1. @FRED, Now you Agree??? You are geting close to be a woman.. Still can’t make-up your mind.. But than you’re still an “UGLY TRANSVESTITE” ……

    2. You act like anorexic woman should be shund,shame on you. They are people with feelings.

    1. Thats funny cause thats what your father said right before I stuck my balls in his mouth.

  2. She is not fat (you + are = you’re) and aren’t you a little too young to be a dick already?!?! Also, to all y’all talking about her mouth being messed up. It’s not! She’s from mortal combat and that’s her costume, you idiots.

    1. I didn’t realize that by knowing fuckall about “Mortal Combat” made me an idiot. Sorry for being an idiot.

  3. yeah seriously that girl is not fat… what is it with this society?? does a woman have to be 0-1% body fat to be considered beautiful? she is voluptuous and that is a far cry from obese or even borderline obese (which is the real term for fat).

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