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    1. Jaundiced. Eyes are swollen from a hangover. That’s why she’s wearing sunglasses indoors.
      Happy to be in jail cause there’s more dick than he can shake his dick at.

    2. YES FRED!!!! WE know… FRED.. In Prison you found your “SEXUAL SOULMATE” Every man on you Cell Block… GANG BANG EVERY NIGHT……

    3. 2lolo, when you get too big for Daddy, he’ll run away, and you’ll wheel your chair up to the gate, begging to be let in.

  1. …this is like so against the rules in jails lol ‘NO PICTURES FROM THE INSIDE” …..DAMM THAT BITCH IS OLD!!

    1. Fred, YOU RAPE my Dog pineapple, you would love you ass-o licked by my dog, Nicky and Ian. Is that close Fred?

    2. or a little something like,

      FRED when are you getting that SEX change? you tried to ROB a BANK but got ass RAPED by your DOG pineapple and ended up in PRISON for being a PUSSY

  2. Like “Weekend at Bernie’s” Looks like someone just pinned her dead ass against the window and took a picture.

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