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    1. This challenge is for dumbass idiots only, so I’m not elible. But you more than qualify so go right ahead.

    2. the gasoline challenge is to hold a tablespoon of gas in your mouth and try to blow out a candle with your nose

    3. and QUALIFIED* and you are calling othe people dumbasses.

      perhaps you should pass grade 2 English before you start calling others dumb.

    1. SickODaniel, I’ll do as I damned please. I’m Uhmerican and you’ll put up with my shit and you’ll enjoy putting up with my shit. You think I’m from another country because I make a statement that’s gonna piss off some other Uhmericans?
      Now start that, “If you don’t like this country, why don’t you just leave” shit. You that “value” people’s right to free speech.

    2. “Made in America” used to mean something. Now all it stands for is lazy people who want to work less and get more money. I wolnt buy that product because i’m paying more for people who think they deserve better for menial tasks. As much shit that I want to talk about the people in my country, it still is the best place in the world to live in.

    3. I would agree, but Canada, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and about 20 other countries still exist.

    4. @SlipStool, I understand what you’re saying. I’ve worked with unions, but I’ve never been union. I realize that without the unions many companies would screw the workers big time. But I’ve seen people expend more energy trying to keep from doing what they’re supposed to do, than if they would just go ahead and do it. And everybody is a fingerpointer. No one can accept responsibility for anything. But this country is in deep shit now. I just love it when people say to me that they’ve seen recessions and this is just like all the rest. Right!

    5. WOW!!!! FRED. PISS-OFF, DAMN!! You never get that piss-off whenI call you a QUEER, FAG, GAY and a TRANNY HOOKER……. So you must be all of that, What I been calling you.

    6. @FRED, You Fucking “IDIOT” Union is fucking up Americans. With Unions Workers the Companies must charge more. In Las Vegas most of all the Casino is UNION. The Casino’s can’t FIRE the LAZY UNION Empolyees because they belong to the Union. GO BACK TO EUROPE where you belong….. Your not a AMERICAN, your just a “WANT TO BE A AMERICAN”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. @MM17
      And if you notice, you’re lucking anything you buy lasts past the pounding it takes to get it out of its package.

    8. Unions served their purpose but now with all the federal and state employment laws, they have run their course and are no longer needed in most cases.

      as for “Made in America” it’s only lost it’s value meaning in america

    9. I thought all ‘want to be an american’ people had changed their minds by now. Your economy is fucked, your education system is less than adequate, your healthcare system is terrible, your policing systems are corrupt, your citizens still think they’re the best in the world because your media imports are strategically selected and wors of all, 350 million people believe Barrack Obama is the problem despite that he’s only been in his position for 3 years. The guy is your key to success and people blame him for shit he hasn’t fixed yet… silly silly silly.

    10. SMRT, you pegged it. At least we put a damper on the immigration problem.
      I can’t blame any president. I’m too old fashioned. I think people should accept responsibility. Just because easy credit was available didn’t mean you was supposed to buy a bunch of stupid shit. Old folks that should have known better mortgaged their houses to buy RVs. Some people just can’t handle money…or credit.

    11. LOL,anyone who sticks up for Obama has clearly not read the NDAA, Patriot Act, HR 537 and comming soon, a bill that will make it illegal to peaceful protest called… The Trespass Bill.

      would you republicrats stop arguing with each other and stat payign attention to the constitution, and what both Pubs and Crats have been doing to it fo th last 20 years? No of course not, because you are main stream media stupid!

    1. just to clarify
      there is:
      classifacation depends upon the location and intellegence level of the twit

  1. And then they say, “there is always some Euro bitching about America”, geez I don’t know why. 99% of these video
    /pics fails are Americans making fools of themselves.

    1. Exactly! But for fuck’s sake, don’t you say anything bad about the Uh.S. About 80% that talk shit about other countries haven’t done anything for the U.S. And what’s wrong with having a bit of humility, anyway?
      I mean, what the fuck can you say that is good about the people in this video?

    2. @FRED, I’m sorry that I said your From EUROPE!!!!

    3. When I’m finished fucking up the Man’s “paradise”, I may go back. I AM one of those “Jungle Loving” MOFOs.

    1. Tell your mother she can jew on my cock with those sexy gums. See shelly like that it only takes a little longer and the reader will enjoy it so much more!!!!!

  2. that’s wow scary, that family reminds me the people that were in the old town in the movie Texas chain saw massacre.

  3. Nothing says ‘I’m a fucking idiot’ like tatoos on your face. Well done mom, you’ve obviously led your family into a great future without getting out of your night gown. Time to wipe your teeth off with your shorts and start your way to the closest gambling machine and don’t forget your racist comments along the way. Fucking americans…

  4. the difference between americans and the rest is we are not afraid to do silly things for laughter and hummor if it were’nt for us you others wouldnt have anything to laugh about and your world would be nothing but a serious look on your ugly faces,so for that we love to be the butt of the joke just for your health,but on the other hand,that was funny but to do it to ur own mom is a bum trip

    1. You’re so worldly. You must have a map or know someone with a map. In Canada, if you make a funny you have to laugh in English and French.

    1. “I’m Uhmerican! I’m Uhmerican, god damn it! Here…put a fucked up, mispelled tat on this piece of me! Here Grandma! 50 dollers says you can’t swaller this here cyanide!”

  5. They’re Canadian. Look at the coffee cup she was drinking before she took up the challenge. It’s Tim Horton’s.

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