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  1. Is the guy slapping the drunk’s face a retard?? If someone fall to the ground in that magnitude the first thing you don’t do is slapping the face. You shouldn’t move the head unless a Paramedic do so. Imbecile! On the other hand, the drunk made an epic fail fall. Drunk of hell!!.. LoL

    1. Dude, do you really think a drunk fella will have that in mind?? He ain’r a retard… he’s drunk as fuck!!!

  2. and the try to call Americans dumb,if i smash my head the last thing i would need is some tard hitting my head to wake me up,just put some orange cones around him and let him sleep it off,lol

    1. It sounded like a bowling ball hitting hitting concrete, his headache should last a good week after that one.

    2. He’s, probably, gonna have to have a hole drilled in his head to release all that bleeding (hematoma)around his brain.
      If I had been there, I’d have taken a 3/4 inch drill bit, drilled into his head and saved his life.
      Ya know, after years of amateur gynecology practice, ya have to know something about brain surgery.

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