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    1. if by “win” you mean “gets thrown in the garbage by postal worker”, then yes. it is.

  1. I say we all mail this kid since his address is in the top left and explain to him he’s fucking retarded. Stupid Philly fags. Their biggest hero is Rocky.

    1. Yea, you’re the one who hangs out behind the only gay bar in Philly offering free b j s. That’s how you know, huh 🙂

    2. yes the kid is retarded but don’t fuck with rocky…I would hit it….or would he hit me…I don’t know what where we talking about again….I give up….

    3. Sure, we could all knock some ‘sence’ into him/her, but it would be more fun if we knocked some ‘sense’ into him/her. :]

  2. i do this all the time. i will leave $50 on the envelope and the postwoman will place a stamp on it.for me. It beats driving 17 miles one way to the post office just to get a stamp @ $4/gallon..

  3. @FRED, Only person I can think of, who is that “STUPIT”, an “IDIOT” is YOU!!!!!! Than There is MM17 running, Neck to Neck next to you…..

  4. Stupidity, letter isn’t going anywhere but in the trash. USPS probably steal his change and throw it away. I bet it never even got sent, probably some idiot trying to think he’s funny.

    1. Vegas is America’s favorite anus; lubed up with a sprinkle of glitter. Why can an 18 year old girl act in porn but not drink a fucking beer?

  5. OK, so she didn’t have enough time to buy postage but had enough time to send it standard mail? It should read “I’m so fucking lazy and fat that I thought I would try this first.”

    1. agreed on the lazy part, but how do you know she’s fat? oh yeah, return address. duh.

  6. Sooo, let me get this straight, there gonna mark out the address on the recipient, but leave the address of the sender… and this is a WIN? I’m sure the guy who was trying to send this letter doesn’t think so.

  7. Technically, the weight of the coins exceeds the required postage for the weight of the parcel, to be accepted by the Post Office to begin processing… so even if he had the proper monetary amount this parcel would still have been sent back “return to sender: insufficient postage”

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