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    1. Well, if he does have Downs I need to know so I can delete all my comments. We shouldn’t make any comments for any of these photos and videos, cause …well, we just shouldn’t.

    2. haha… I must admit if the person is genuinely disabled I don’t make snarky remarks, that’s just the behaviour of a lesser person. If I can’t decide then I sit on the fence and hold back the insults 🙂

    3. And how do you know that someone is “genuinely” disabled?
      How do you know that a person has a tumor and that’s the reason why they are fat?
      How do you know that a person has worms eating them from the inside out and that’s the reason why they’re skinny?
      How do you know that a person is a fuckwit and that’s the reason they fire a BB gun up their nose?

  1. I met this guy at wonder-con this year..He is mentally challenged and made the costume himself..Good way to rip on someone that is disabled.

    1. If you’re going to call someone retarded, you might want to pay better attention to your punctuation.

      There you go, a lesson wrapped up in a rebuke with a thin layer of pointlessness.

    2. But the fat fuckers with Diabetes, thyroid, or pituitary problems, we can go apeman on their asses, right?

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