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    1. Viccy if you cant sing it any better then who are you to judge. Homeless critics are the worst.

    2. They certainly are, you need to find a job to afford a home, so you can stop spending your time critizing my comments 😛

    3. Vic commented on March 25 then on March 26, you should stop wasting time checking if anyone replied to your comment…

    1. @FRED, you are very good at working your ass…….
      But your a lot better in “ASS To MOUTH”…..

    1. hey, fuct you this is not KFC’s fault it’s her dumbass parents who never taught her how to put down the damn spork

    2. KFC is getting rich off of people with low self esteem and low will power. This has become an epidemic in our country and your ignorance can not be tolorated. Hell is your home and you have spawned from the devil!!!

    3. I think dietary plans today leave out the key ingredient for obtaining and maintaining a cute and skinny look: intestinal parasites.

  1. It’s hard to watch, but kudos for her for having the confidence in herself to make something like this. Perhaps encouraging her rather than coming down on her would help her get healthy instead of ripping on her? Just a suggestion.

  2. u guys are so mean..its only a fail cuz she is a large lady. If she was thin then everyone would think its hot -_- … geez big girls can have fun to..stop being such judgemental assholes

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