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    1. I’d go with the latter. But then she is probably more interested in the personal info (IDs); data mining.

    1. Oh, I dont know maybe the one that is pushing its way up your ass. Like seriously are you trying to agitate me! I cant cope with your ignorance.

    2. No. It couldn’t be that one. The one up my arse is not in the picture. I’m not ignorant, jus’ stoopid ! 😀

  1. This is the piazza in front of the Duomo in Milan. Absolutely crawling with pigeons. You’ll see tourists there holding bread in their hands with the pigeons flying up and landing on them to get the bread. It is filthy nasty. As I believe Woody Allen said, they’re rats, with wings.

    1. IMO they were what was spreading the bird flu in Southeast Asia a few years back and will spread it again when it starts back.

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