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  1. I think I just missed out on the ‘make learning fun’ initiative… didn’t get any flashy experiments… wasn’t even sexually involved with an attractive teacher… just text books, homework and drawing/ masturbating to erotic art on the toilet cubicle walls. Happy days.

    1. Actually, upon second look this is Mr.Burton, my Chemistry Professor from some years back. He touched me in many ways.

    2. His name was Mr Clarke actually and the touching was mutual. A good teacher always touches his students in a special place and sometimes a special student will touch them right back. I’m happen to be very special. Oh, and I paid attention in school so would never say something like “upon second look”. You ‘tard.

    3. Nicky has posters everywhere, it’s part of his “involvement with the community” scheme. His posters inform the neighborhood that he is a sexual deviate. He is usually out in the early morning stapling these to poles and bus shelters.

    4. Wow, this little segment is a gold mine for a grammar nazi, only thing that could sweeten the pot a bit is some of that 2lolo charm we all yearn for.

    5. I wonder what happened to the other impostors? At one point there was three trying to troll him and failed. Making fun of a guy with a mircopenis and a squirrel fetish is not as easy as it sounds.

    6. Indeed… why would these people want to hurt me anyway?! I’m lovely. Heartless bastards. Surprised nobody called me on the “I’m happen to be very special”… did that on purpose of course, to illustrate a point. Nothing to do with my greasy fingered typing (I keep my right hand permanently lubed… just in case I get amorous). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to check in with my parole officer in 30 minutes.

    7. Actually, Mr Burton is my father…upon third look I would recognize his slender, erotic, fondle-worthy fingers anywhere. My anus is tingling…gotta go fap while this fantasy is fresh in my

    8. @FRED and MM17, 2 of you should take his CHEMISTRY CLASS, Maybe the Professor can help you 2 to CHANGE SEX???
      Just trying to help…

  2. These experiments are great but alas this is a fail in safety. Who knows what kind of carcinogens these students were exposed to. Some the byproduct gases that were produced from these highly volatile reaction can cause respiratory distress with as little as 25 part in a million and seeing the amount of smoke in the room afterwards without an HVAC system running is against OSHA standards.

    1. Not sure if you noticed, but the guy seems to know his shit… he is a professor after all. I think he knows how to do these experiments.

  3. Chemistry win.

    Photographer fail.

    Using a piece of shit camera to film something cool makes it stupid.

    Learn to focus, faggot.

    1. Good parents that support teachers in the concept of students sitting down and shutting the fuck up, listening and learning are a dying breed , also.

  4. just wondering…whos gonna clean that fuckin mess…cuz when i was in highschool that crazy bitch (my chemistry teacher) always made us clean every fuckin test tube before we ran out of the classroom…i guess im traumatized since im the only one bringing that issue…

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